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Step one

Download and install Trust Wallet from Apps Store or Google Play
for iOS only: Trust Wallet no longer has a dApp browser. Therefore, please use Wallet Connect on Pancakeswap.

iOS AppStore Google Play Store

Step two

Transfer BNB to your Trust Wallet

You have several options to send BNB to your Trust Wallet.
Buy directly via the Trust Wallet or send it from e.g. Binance to your SmartChain address.

– It’s important to swap your BNB to Smart Chain. –

Step three

Swap your BNB to Slothi Token (SLTH)

Android: Open the dApp browser and search for PancakeSwap ( Once you have open the web page from PancakeSwap connect your wallet (top right corner). 

iOS: Open Safari browser and type Now you can connect your wallet in the upper right corner. Use the option „Wallet Connect“, here you select your wallet. Now the wallet should open on your smartphone and you can confirm the connection.

First currency is BNB, second currency is SLTH. Click on „Select a currency“ and insert the contract address from Slothi. You should now see the Slothi token.

Click on swap and you should receive your SLTH tokens.