Questions and answers about Slothi

What is Slothi-Token?

Slothi Token is a fully community driven, fair launched DeFi Token.

About Slothi
Where can i vote?

You can take part in the weekly voting in the official Telegram group.

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What does Slothi want to achieve?

What happens is entirely up to the community. Be part of the community and decide what should happen to Slothi

Where can i buy Slothi-Token?

You can buy Slothi-Tokens through PancakeSwap. Follow the instructions on the How-To-Buy page.

How To Buy
How to sell Slothi-Token?

You can sell Slothi-Tokens in the opposite way to how you bought them.

What are the fees for buying and selling?

There is a 13% fee for every transaction.

These are broken down as follows.

  • 5% will be distributed to all holders of Slothi tokens
  • 4% of the tokens are burned
  • 4% goes to the liquidity pool

(F)ear (U)ncertainty (D)oubt


(F)ear (O)f (M)issing (O)ut


Hold your coins & token, do not sell them.


(A)ll (T)ime (H)igh


(D)o (Y)our (O)wn (R)esearch